PVDF aluminium composite panel

Aluminiumcomposite panel is a sandwich structure material of 3 visible layers,the front and rearback sides are coated aluminium coils,and the middle layer is low density polyethylene (LDPE),all materials heaten then laminated into the stable sandwich panel. According to different usage and requirement from customers,we can match different materials to get various of quality.

Exterior usage panel will be coated with 70% PVDF material,and laminated with flexible polyethylene core in order to get weatherproof performance and shapability during installation. Customers may choose fireproof core material,virgin core material for different quality,or recycled core to balance the purchasing cost.
Panels for interior will be coated with Polyester material for economic consideration, 3mm panel is suggested for the purposes.

Standard size:
Aluminium: 0.2-0.5mm
Panel thickness: 3mm,4mm
Panel width: 1220,1250,1500mm
Panel length: 2440,3050,3660mm

ACM material is being used as:
1. signage
2. billboard
3. picture backing
4. lighting fixtures
5. furniture making
6. bus stops,shelters
7. vehicle decoration  
8. silk-screen printing
9. building decoration material 
10. exhibition stands & partitions
11. promotional company presents